Draymond Green shot in the groin.

Draymond Green shot in the groin.

Draymond Green is known for throwing groin shots at opponents, and during Sunday's game between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, he found himself in pain after being hit in the groin.

During a rebound battle with Jarrett Allen at the start of the game, Green was accidentally hit in the groin by Allen's swinging kick. It took Green some time to recover, and fans believe it may have been karma.

Despite being hit in the groin, Green continued to play.

History of groin shots

Over the years, Green has been involved in several groin shots. One of the most infamous incidents occurred during Game 3 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Green kicked Steven Adams in the groin while attempting to score over Steven Adams and lose possession.

Adams was kicked in the groin by Green twice in that series. Green was not ejected from the game, but was called for a first-degree malicious foul, which was later upgraded to a second-degree malicious foul, and was fined $25,000 dollars.

Adams described the pain as "the absolute worst" and said he "hated it more than the KD (Kevin Durant) thing". Green insists the groin shot was unintentional.

Karma or coincidence?

Green's groin shot on Sunday sparked a discussion about "karma" and whether players are justified in attacking an opponent's groin. Some believe the incidents are intentional and deserve harsher penalties, while others believe they are unintentional accidents.

Regardless of intent, hitting the groin is a serious matter that can lead to severe pain and injury. Players should be mindful of their behavior and avoid putting their opponents at risk.

The NBA has taken steps to address the issue of shots to the groin by implementing stricter rules and penalties. However, more needs to be done to prevent these incidents from occurring. Players, coaches and the league must work together to create a culture of respect and sportsmanship on the court.


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